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My Philosophy

My Philosophy is to customize  a massage therapy experience that suits your needs. I realize that everyone is different. So I ask questions at the beginning of every Massage to help our me determine which modality would best suit you. I believe  strongly in a holistic approach to health and massage is merely one to approach your health goals.


I specialize in Athletic Massage - Pre and Post 

Pre event- wakes up the muscles upbeat music with fast strokes and stretching. Gets the athlete ready to perform.

Post event: Relaxes and relieves the muscles.

Stretch Therapy- Can be added to any massage. Helps with tight muscles. Also helps to elongate muscles after weight lifting . 

Geriatric Massage- Focuses on elderly . Considers any ailments they may be suffering and makes adjustments to accommodate the client.


 Grief Massage- any loss can be hard. Like most people who have personally experienced grief I understand the different stages of grief and how challenging  they can be to navigate. This type of massage acknowledges that the loss cannot be replaced however helps to establish a routine to help you have some sense of normalcy. 

Pregnancy Massage- Assists the expectant mother with soreness and anxiety that is related to childbirth. Helps her feel relaxed as she prepares to bring a new and beautiful life into this world.

Pain Management Massage- I personally experience pain at times just from day to day living, And I personally use massage therapy to help alleviate my pain. This massage helps with sciatic pain , hip pain, low back pain , neck , shoulder, upper back pain, mid back pain , leg pain, feet pain, and any other muscle related pain.

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